Are You Paying Too Much for BOTOX?

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The last time you received Botox®, did you pay by the unit or area of treatment? If you paid by the area, we’ve got some important news to share with you!

The fairest and most cost-effective pricing for Botox is by the unit, and that’s without exception. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between Botox-by-unit and Botox-by-area so you can judge for yourself.

Botox by Unit.

Botox dosage is measured in units. When you pay by the unit, you pay for the units you received. No more, no less. For example, the glabella region, also known as 11’s between your brows, usually require 20 to 35 units of Botox. Another common treatment area is the frontalis muscle (horizontal forehead lines), which takes 6 to 20 units, depending on the person.

Botox by Area.

When you pay by the area, your price is set, regardless of the number of Botox units you receive. Pay-by-area Botox is an inflated rate that accommodates a high number of units. The obvious problem with area pricing is that it doesn’t account for your unique needs. If you only need 6 units of Botox for your horizontal lines, for example, you’re stuck paying the same inflated price as the person receiving 20 units. It’s simply not fair.

Our goal at Versailles Medical Spa is to be a partner on your self-care journey, which means helping you understand every aspect of your treatment so you are empowered to make educated choices that are right for you.

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