Making a Difference During Covid-19 Pandemic

Medspa in Darien

At Versailles Medical Spa supporting our community, especially during difficult times, is a core value and a role that our team takes very seriously.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, those who are on the front-line of this virus are being put in greater risk due to the shortage in medical protective gear. Our health care professionals and essential workers, all need our help!

In keeping with our commitment to support our community, our CEO Marie Saade has created The Versailles Medical Spa Mask Project. Marie’s mission is to make and deliver as many protective masks as possible, to our health care professionals and essential workers.

You can also join us in this effort to give back to those in greater need. If you are able to and/or would like to lend a helping hand. Please contact us for further details! Call our office at 203-202-7688 or email at

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