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When it comes to non-invasive treatments; the key to amazing, long-lasting results is how well you follow up with your after-care. Many times this means having great quality products to help you preserve the amazing results that you have achieved with these procedures. Whether it is Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Fraxel Laser, or simply your occasional Medical Facial, you want to make sure that you have the right back-up to keep your skin looking its absolute best. At Versailles Medical Spa, not only are you being provided with the latest innovative treatments, but also with top of the line, medical grade skin care products.

If you didn’t have a skincare regimen before, let us help you by listing our Top 3 key products that will help you achieve your ultimate skincare goals. Starting with our cleansers; if your skin tends to be very dry and dull, we recommend our Beta Enzyme Cleanser formulated without harsh parabens or sulfates. This cleanser is gentle enough for daily use, while being active enough to deliver skin brightening benefits to all skin types. The Beta Enzyme Cleanser exfoliates the skin to encourage the healthy production of new cells, while the combination of Papaya Enzymes and Salicylic Acid work to slough away dead skin cells.

Are you uncomfortable with the post-treatment effects from procedures that leave a temporary discoloration in your skin such as; Fraxel, IPL, Profound, or even Dermal Fillers? Well, we have designed a moisturizing topical cream to help your skin heal faster and look even better! We introduce our Kurative Cream, fortified with some of our key ingredients such as; Vitamin K, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Arnica Flower Extract. This restorative cream helps soothe and aid to any redness or irritation often associated with some of these treatments. Not to mention, being a hydrating source to help the skin retain its natural moisture. Our Kurative Cream is key element for post-treatment, you can also enjoy the benefit of reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

Lastly, we have to finish with our spa favorite- The Needle Free Serum also known as the “youth collagen”. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy the sight of needles this is the perfect start for you! The result is a painless, topical alternative to injectable fillers and toxins. Think of it as your at-home “filler in a bottle” easy for you to use at home, and save you the discomfort of being poked by needles. Our Needle Free Serum is packed with many key ingredients such as Golden Bamboo Extract and Pea Extract to deliver an 85% increase in hyaluronic acid synthesis, plus decrease in skin laxity of 50% after four weeks of regular use. The Needle Free Serum has been clinically proven to provide you with 190% increase in elastin production after just 11 days, and helps to improve your skin’s firmness by 13 times in 15 days.

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