The Year Where “loving yourself” Becomes More Than Natural Self-Acceptance

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We are getting ready to enter into a new year, and we are still dealing with the stigma of making others feel guilty, or bad for wanting to improve their appearance. Loving yourself can also mean improving your appearance to become a much more confident, happier YOU!

Can you be grateful for the body and face you were naturally given, and want to improve it? You absolutely can, there’s nothing wrong about that! Have your heard of the saying “our body is our temple”? That’s why we should nourish it properly and exercise to make sure it functions at an optimum level for the rest of our lives. Men and Women spend hours in the gym not only for optimal health but also to modify those “trouble” areas in their bodies. Well guess what, the same goes with aesthetic procedures.

We think of doing all of these self-care routines to feel much better about ourselves. Why? Because the way we carry ourselves, and look on the outside, is a representation of how we feel on the inside. Are you someone who loves to put everyone else before yourself? The person everyone ALWAYS counts on being there when needed? If you’re saying “yes.. yes.. yes!!” Then ask yourself, when was the last time that you did something to make yourself happier and boost your confidence.

Every time around this year, we begin to reflect on everything that we did, could’ve done and want to do. We come up with all these resolutions that get forgotten within 4 months into the new year. Let’s be consistent with one thing, our happiness. Whatever small flaw that deep down has been making you feel down, and not allow you to be your FEARLESS self.. go for it and improve it! Life is too short to be anything but happy, and there is nothing vain about wanting to improve your appearance, to be much happier version of YOU.

Here at Versailles Medical Spa, we’ll make sure this is one resolution that does not get forgotten. From a simple routine facial to rejuvenate your skin. To experiencing the most advanced hair laser removal, to help you get ready for that trip that you’ve always wanted to take.. or even helping you get back on track with your fitness goals, with a little CoolSculpting!

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