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16 Team Members
  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Our Dedicated Staff

    The Versailles Medical Spa team is comprised of caring, expert, and passionate individuals who strive to help patients attain their aesthetic goals.

  • Marie Saade

    Marie Saade


    As CEO and founder of Versailles Medical Spa, Marie has extensive knowledge of the aesthetic industry and a passion for sharing it with her patients.

  • Dr. Ayman Matta

    Dr. Ayman Matta

    Medical Director

    At Versailles Medical Spa, Dr. Ayman Matta helps manage and provides guidance about our different medical treatments.

  • Amanda Saade, RN

    Amanda Saade, RN

    Aesthetic Nurse

    With 11+ years of experience, Amanda uses her advanced knowledge in aesthetics & medical treatments to help patients reach their cosmetic goals.

  • Dr. Daniel Demesh

    Dr. Daniel Demesh

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Demesh is one of the few plastic surgeons in Fairfield County, CT, who specializes only in cosmetic procedures of the face and neck.

  • Edita Cubatiuk

    Edita Cubatiuk


    Edita Cubatiuk is trained in the most advanced and cutting-edge cosmetic and skin care techniques for aesthetic balance and natural-looking results.

  • Kimberly Sheehan

    Kimberly Sheehan

    Registered Nurse

    Kimberly Sheehan is an experienced RN with specialized training in advanced aesthetics and anti-aging treatments, like injectables and laser services.

  • Renee Fontaine

    Renee Fontaine

    Registered Nurse

    As a medical/surgical nurse, Renee Fontaine is skilled and equipped to create tailored treatment plans and perform a number of aesthetic procedures.

  • Rhea Donofrio

    Rhea Donofrio

    Medical Aesthetician

    For over 15 years, Rhea Donofrio has been using her impressive experience to help Fairfield County patients achieve their ultimate skin care goals.

  • Justine Gagliardotto

    Justine Gagliardotto

    Medical Aesthetician

    Specializing in chemical peels and microdermabrasion, Justine offers a precise and gentle technique that helps patients feel relaxed during treatment.

  • Sheila Parra

    Sheila Parra

    Assistant Manager

    Sheila Parra is proud to use her vast education to establish new interactions with existing and potential patients of Versailles Medical Spa.

  • Antonella Oddo

    Antonella Oddo

    Patient Coordinator

    As our facility's patient coordinator, Antonella Oddo focuses on ensuring our patients' comfort and designing impressive graphics for social media.

  • Jacqueline Arango

    Jacqueline Arango

    Medical Assistant

    With a wide variety of knowledge and medical training, Jacqueline Arango is skilled to support the Versailles Medical Spa team as a medical assistant.

  • Jennifer Cuevas

    Jennifer Cuevas

    Patient Coordinator

    Jennifer Cuevas uses her interpersonal skills to build relationships with new & existing patients through client booking and social media accounts.

  • Melody Barros

    Melody Barros

    Art Director

    With a strong understanding of the aesthetic industry, Melody is responsible for the visual aspects of advertising, social media, and graphic design.

  • Noza Pertesis

    Noza Pertesis

    Office Manager

    With strong organizational, leadership and communication skills, Noza keeps the office running smoothly.