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14 Team Members
  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Our Dedicated Staff

    The Versailles Medical Spa team is comprised of caring, expert, and passionate individuals who strive to help patients attain their aesthetic goals.

  • Dr. Jaime Rivas

    Dr. Jaime Rivas

    Medical Director

    At Versailles Medical Spa, Dr. Jaime Rivas is a board-certified doctor who helps manage and provides guidance about our different medical treatments.

  • Marie Saade

    Marie Saade


    As CEO and founder of Versailles Medical Spa, Marie has extensive knowledge of the aesthetic industry and a passion for sharing it with her patients.

  • Edita Cubatiuk

    Edita Cubatiuk


    Edita Cubatiuk is trained in the most advanced and cutting-edge cosmetic and skin care techniques for aesthetic balance and natural-looking results.

  • Kimberly Sheehan

    Kimberly Sheehan

    Registered Nurse

    Kimberly Sheehan is an experienced RN with specialized training in advanced aesthetics and anti-aging treatments, like injectables and laser services.

  • Renee Fontaine

    Renee Fontaine

    Registered Nurse

    As a medical/surgical nurse, Renee Fontaine is skilled and equipped to create tailored treatment plans and perform a number of aesthetic procedures.

  • Lindsey Cafano

    Lindsey Cafano

    Registered Nurse

    Lindsey Cafano is an RN who is very passionate about aesthetic medicine and helping Versailles Medical Spa patients to achieve great self-confidence.

  • Rhea Donofrio

    Rhea Donofrio

    Medical Aesthetician

    For over 15 years, Rhea Donofrio has been using her impressive experience to help Fairfield County patients achieve their ultimate skin care goals.

  • Justine Gagliardotto

    Justine Gagliardotto

    Medical Aesthetician

    Specializing in chemical peels and microdermabrasion, Justine offers a precise and gentle technique that helps patients feel relaxed during treatment.

  • Amanda Saade

    Amanda Saade

    Business Development Director

    Amanda Saade helps Versailles Medical Spa to reach new clientele and heights by focusing on the development and implementing of marketing strategies.

  • Johana Carmona

    Johana Carmona

    Marketing Director

    With a first-hand understanding of the makeup and aesthetic industries, Johana Carmona is a very capable marketing director for Versailles Medical Spa

  • Sheila Parra

    Sheila Parra

    Assistant Manager

    Sheila Parra is proud to use her vast education to establish new interactions with existing and potential patients of Versailles Medical Spa.