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Reduce Delicate Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Belotero: A Lightweight Filler for Fine Lines


BELOTERO provides a diverse range of hyaluronic acid fillers designed to offer consistent and natural-looking outcomes, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each patient. Explore the BELOTERO brand and its full product lineup to find the ideal treatment solution for your patients' needs.

Why Belotero

The BELOTERO lineup consists of seven products carefully crafted for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, each with distinct characteristics and targeted applications.

This collection is adaptable enough to tackle various concerns, including lip volumization, softening fine lines, contour smoothing, and structural restoration.

Key advantages of BELOTERO include:

  • Achieving natural-looking results
  • Delivering predictable outcomes for heightened patient satisfaction and trust
  • Demonstrating an established safety record

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Is Belotero for you?

If you're seeking to address signs of aging like crow’s feet, frown lines, and other wrinkles, restore lost volume, and enhance your facial contours, Belotero may be an appropriate option for you.

Most adults in good overall health who are not pregnant or breastfeeding are typically suitable candidates. Consulting with a Belotero injection specialist is recommended to determine the best course of action for your specific needs.

At Versailles MedSpa, our team of anti-aging experts can assist in evaluating your candidacy for Belotero and addressing all your aesthetic concerns effectively.

Belotero CT Before and After

Transformed and glowing! Witness the remarkable before and after results of our rejuvenating treatment. Unveil your beauty.

Belotero CT Frequently Asked Questions

Experience youthfulness with Belotero, where you can achieve a look that matches how you feel, if not even younger. FDA-approved and available in various product lines, Belotero offers versatility in addressing your specific needs. From Belotero Hydro, suitable for rejuvenating the face, hands, and neck, to deeply replenishing elasticity and hydration, Belotero ensures comprehensive care wherever you require it.

Belotero Volume targets facial areas prone to age-related volume loss, such as the cheeks and chin. Meanwhile, Belotero Soft, Balance, and Intense focus on smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet, glabellar lines (commonly known as "11s"), nasolabial folds, and perioral lines. Specifically, Belotero Intense is formulated to enhance lip volume, accentuating the contour of your lips for a fuller appearance.

What Do Belotero Injections Feel Like?
Similar to other filler injections, Belotero aims to provide a comfortable experience. Upon insertion of the needle, some individuals may feel a minor pinching sensation followed by slight pressure. While you might experience slight discomfort, Lidocaine can be incorporated into your injections to enhance comfort during the Belotero procedure.

Belotero's magic doesn't stop at safety. You'll see a visible difference right after your injections, leaving you with smoother skin and a refreshed look – all in one appointment!

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