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What is an Acne Cortisone Injection?

Have you ever had a large pimple or cyst that was constantly inflamed and/or painful, regardless of how much topical ointment or skin care product you used on it? If so, acne cortisone injections could help you out of this uncomfortable situation. Acne cortisone injections utilize steroids to quickly resolve severe outbreaks when nothing else seems to be working.

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Is an Acne Cortisone Injection Right for Me?

Right off the bat, the most important thing to note is that acne cortisone injections are not meant to be a part of your regular skin care routine. In fact, this treatment is not even meant to be used on every type of pimple or cyst. It is designed to be used specifically on large, painful lesions that have the possibility to scar without treatment. In some cases, acne cortisone injections may be used when the patient needs immediate acne relief before an important event, such as a wedding or business meeting, but these situations will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

How do Acne Cortisone Injections Work?

An acne cortisone shot is simply an injection of an extremely diluted synthetic hormone known as a corticosteroid into the wart, cyst, lesion, or other blemishes. This solution acts as an anti-inflammatory that is able to quickly weaken the walls of the cyst. Due to this, it is able to alleviate most redness, swelling, and pain within just a few days. In some cases, our team may numb the area with topical lidocaine before making the injection. However, as acne cortisone shots are made using a microneedle, pain is typically minimal except in the most severe of circumstances.

What to Expect After an Acne Cortisone Injection

First and foremost, you can expect an almost immediate reduction in inflammation and pain. Within 24 hours of the injection, the cyst should be significantly softer, smaller, and flatter. The blemish will not entirely fade in every case, but it should be in a noticeably better condition within a week. An acne cortisone injection can only be administered to the same area once every six weeks in order to avoid unwanted side effects, such as absorption, thinning of the skin, and scarring.

Perfect Your Imperfections

Clear up your skin and your self-confidence with the help of Versailles Medical Spa in Darien, CT. Our staff is highly experienced in providing acne cortisone injections to combat blemishes before they can cause any lasting damage to your skin tone or texture. Schedule a consultation today to see what this quick and easy treatment can do for you. If you live near Norwalk or Stamford, CT, feel free to swing by our medspa for a visit. 

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