Darien, CT | Microblading by Marie |Versailles Medical Spa

Microblading is the most advanced technique for permanent makeup of the eyebrows because it yields the most natural-looking results. That is because it tattoos individual hair strokes, which look like real hair follicles. Whether you have over plucked your eyebrows, lost your brows due to age or cancer treatments, microblading can give the sweat-proof, smudge-proof and water-proof eyebrows you’ve always wanted.


Speaker 1: I don't like my eyebrows because they're really not there, they're non-existent. And in order to go out, I usually color my eyebrows in. I decided to try microblading because I've read about it online and I saw a billboard for Versailles Medical Spa in my town. Once I saw the billboard, I decided to do some research and I went online and I saw the reviews on the Versailles Medical website and everyone was happy with their results. In order to make this decision, I thought I would have to read all the reviews that I saw and everything I saw was positive, so that made me feel more confident to come in and trust Marie with my eyebrows.

Lauren Levy: Microblading by Marie at Versailles Medical Spa is unique and special because as opposed to older methods of permanent makeup for the eyebrows, which tattoo one full eyebrow. Microblading tattoos little feather strokes that end up looking like real hair follicles. Because of this, the result is extremely soft and natural looking. We will discuss shape, color, thickness, so your end result is exactly what you're looking for.

Speaker 1: I felt I could trust Marie from the minute I met her.

Lauren Levy: Prior to beginning your treatment, we numb you topically so you are nice and comfortable during your treatment. Here at Versailles, we only use an all natural organic pigment. That's one of the reasons we're able to offer you such a natural looking result. Other providers, unfortunately that offer similar treatments are using something more like tattoo ink, which you can imagine gives you anything but a natural looking result.

Speaker 1: Well, I'm back at Versailles Medical Spa a month after my treatment and I love the way my eyebrows look. I can't believe how easy it is to wake up in the morning and just wake up and go. I don't have to learn about drawing in my eyebrows and my husband loves it. He loves how they look. I have had friends who've seen them and they notice something's different but they can't tell what it is and it makes me really happy just being able to get up and go. I just want to thank Marie for doing such a great job with them. It has been a great experience. I came in for my touch up just last week and everything about Versailles Medical Spa was very warm, courteous. I loved the experience and I would recommend this to anyone who has any problems with their eyebrows.

Lauren Levy: To learn more, schedule your free consultation, see before and after photos and get answers to frequently asked questions, you can visit www.microbladingbymarie.com.