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The LightSheer Duet is truly one of the best systems on the market today, maximizing comfort and safety for our patients with cost-effective therapy. The LightSheer Duet utilizes a vacuum-assist technology and cooling for comfortable hair removal without anesthetics.


Speaker 1: Versailles Medical Spa offers the very latest technology in laser hair removal, maximizing comfort and safety. There's no anesthetic required, and no skin damage. Good for all skin types, color, and hair type. Results are noticeable after the very first treatment.

Speaker 2: I did a lot of research on medical spas in the area, and I'm really glad I chose Versailles Medical Spa. The technology is top of the line. They are fantastic with their service. They have won best laser hair removal in the area, and I have great results, and it's virtually pain free.

Speaker 1: Versailles Medical Spa laser hair removal. Visit and book your first appointment today.