Eyebrow 911! Microblading Correction by Marie at Versailles Medical Spa

Microblading Fairfield County

Here at Versailles Medical Spa in Darien, CT, we are proud to be the premier provider of Microblading in Fairfield County, as well as throughout Connecticut and New York. Marie has truly perfected the art of soft, natural-looking eyebrows that look extremely realistic, due to the advanced “feather-stroke” method.

However, as the popularity of Microblading has risen, so too has the amount of providers offering “Microblading” – many of them, unfortunately, do not have the amount of training necessary to offer beautiful results like Marie. In addition, many of these providers do not have the appropriate licenses or certifications to perform this treatment.
For this reason, it is necessary to ask questions, especially about licensing when booking a microblading appointment. “Microblading is truly an art form,” says Marie. “And, just like any art form, it has to be perfected. Do not let your eyebrows fall victim; if a provider is offering to do microblading for a very low cost, it is usually too good to be true. I always tell our clients that it’s easier simply to do Microblading right the first time, since removal and correction can be a lengthy process, and your brows are one of the first things noticeable on your face by others.”
In addition to Microblading, Marie also frequently performs Microblading Correction.

Please refer to the photos posted – the treatments not performed by Marie, vs. the results of Microblading by Marie at Versailles Medical Spa.

Microblading in Fairfield County CT

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