Sclerotherapy- the Key to Sultry Legs

Sclerotherapy Darien CT

Summer is the time to show off your legs in shorts and bikinis! Don’t hide because of unsightly spider and varicose veins. Read on to learn how we can help eliminate those veins and highlight your legs’ natural beauty!

About Sclerotherapy

Spider and Vericose veins can be unsightly problems that can prevent you from loving how you look and wanting to show off your beautiful legs. Luckily, we are now able to remove them safely, effectively, and with relatively no pain or down time!

Sclerotherapy is the treatment of vericose and spider veins that involves injecting a solution into unwanted or diseased veins. This solution causes an irritation in the vein and with time, the vein gradually fades. It’s that simple!

Depending on the severity of the vein, multiple treatment sessions may be required, but this treatment is effective and you can live vein free with our help!

Sclerotherapy in Darien, CT   Sclerotherapy Treatments in Darien CT

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