SCULPTRA Aesthetic

Sculptra Darien CT

Versailles Medical Spa is proud to provide the injectable that helps to slowly produce collagen, Sculptra Aesthetic. Sculptra Aesthetic helps restore facial volume and is FDA-approved, and results can last more than two years.

How does it differ from other injectables?

In comparison to our dermal fillers which immediately fill the fine lines and wrinkles, Sculptra Aesthetic treats the underlying problem of ageing. The treatment acts as a collagen stimulator, restoring the underlying structure of your skin. It can be injected around the smile lines, laugh lines, and chin wrinkles.

The number of times a person will need the injection is individual as it depends on how much collagen has been lost. The treatment will work gradually, but the results are long lasting.

Sculptra in Darien CT   Sculptra Aesthetic Darien CT

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