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What is CoolSculpting® and why you should get it:

CoolSculpting is a procedure that targets the stubborn fat found throughout your body, including your abdomen area, chin, arms, back and underneath your buttocks.

CoolSculpting is based on the science of Cryolipolysis which uses cold temperatures, through the applicators placed on your treatment area, to freeze and eliminate fat cells.

Following your treatment 25% of your fat cells will be permanently eliminated.

You should consider CoolSculpting® as an option if you have been working out the same areas and are seeing none to minimal results.

Following your CoolSculpting® treatment, you may experience mild soreness in the areas treated. Those are normal side effects that some patients may experience. CoolSculpting® does not require downtime and patients can return to their daily activities following their treatment.

To achieve a perfectly sculpted body, CoolSculpting® patients should consider getting 4-sessions of EmSculpt.

EmSculpt is the only non-invasive treatment that will build and strengthen your core muscles. With the use of High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology, EmSculpt will contract 90% of your muscles vs. the 20% to 30% percent a fit person can contract in the gym.

Consider a 30-min session of EmSculpt as your gym during this pandemic time because after one session of EmSculpt you will automatically feel the soreness in your muscles and the results will be visible 2 to 4 weeks after your treatment. EmSculpt delivers results that are humanly impossible. One 30-min treatment is equivalent to 20,000 sit ups or 20,000 squats while laying down.

Everyone is a candidate for EmSculpt because the treatment is simply enhancing what you already have! To obtain the best results, the recommended sessions are 4-sessions of 30 minutes for each patient. EmSculpt results can last up to a year or more!

Lose the fat and build your muscles at Versailles Medical Spa.

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