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IV Therapy Darien


Fraxel Face Treatment

Fraxel is the best treatment for skin resurfacing. It will help you reduce facial lines and wrinkles and address any pigmentation or acne scars you may have. The results of the treatment will leave your skin clearer, softer and more youthful.


Save your loved ones some time in the morning with the gift of Microblading. The Microblading treatment offers beautiful, full and natural looking eyebrows. Our Microblading artist has more than 12 years of experience and will guarantee you are fully content with your results. There is no better place in the state for this treatment!

Profound- Skin Tightening  

There comes a point in our lives when our skin loses its firmness and begins to look loose. To help this natural process, we offer the Profound Face lift treatment. The non-surgical skin-tightening treatment starts a natural production of collagen from beneath the skin’s surface. Clients who have received this treatment have noticed a significant difference after only one time

IV Therapy Immunity Booster

If your loved one doesn’t feel ready for aesthetic treatments, why not offer a treatment that will make them feel energetic, well rested and healthy. We offer a variety of IV Therapy Cocktails infused with vitamins that will give you the energy boost during the gloomy winter days.

“I have no idea what treatment my loved one wants, what should I do?”

No worries! You can also give them a Versailles Gift Certificate with the amount of your choice and they can pick out their treatment on their own. This is a great solution for gifting without worrying you chose the wrong thing.

This year has been tough for us all, give a treatment that will leave your loved ones happy for the year!

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